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Business Systems Integration

Guidelight provides best-in-class Business Software Systems Integration & Custom Software Extension Services to help businesses harness the functionality and features of existing applications spread across disparate business systems. These services include Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Analysis and Planning, B2B and B2C Integration, Business Process Integration, Web Portal and Back Office Integration, and Legacy Integration

  • Enterprise Application Integration Analysis and Planning
    Leverage best-in-class Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Analysis and Planning to deliver cutting-edge solutions through superior methodologies and robust tools. Through this consulting process you are supported by an inspired team of EAI experts to ensure best case EAI consulting for faster implementations, more dependable product support and the best product development plan possible
  • B2B and B2C Application Integration
    We provide B2B and B2C systems integration services that engage customers, suppliers, distributors, employees and partners allowing them to interact, collaborate, exchange data and conduct business in a safe and efficient manner. These Custom Systems Integration Services deliver tangible business value by organizing and streamlining operations, maximizing revenue opportunities and providing a competitive advantage
  • Business Process Integration
    Leverage Business Process Integration (BPI) to improve the transfer of information between different technologies to make it easy to retrieve information and data when required. BPI also improves business efficiency, reduces maintenance costs, minimizes data duplication and is an extremely valuable tool for organizations to help them save time and money
  • Web Portal and Back Office Integration
    We provide Web Portal and Back Office Integration services that help lead to reduce Customer Service response times, increase capacity to support larger volumes of business, reduced operating costs in the medium and long term, and reduce the chances for errors given Web Portal and Back-Office systems are accessing the very same data
  • Legacy Systems Integration
    Ensure that your existing investments in legacy and other enterprise systems remain productive by integrating them with new systems, technologies, and custom applications across enterprise boundaries while incrementally adding or migrating to a new set of applications that exploit the Internet, e-commerce, extranet, and other new technologies

For more information about our Business Software Systems Integration & Custom Software Extension Development services, or to simply get a quote for your Systems Integration project, please contact us.