Enterprise Application & Software Development Process

The Guidelight Methodology and process for Software Development consists of three stages, each of which stand on their own as self-contained engagements yet collectively form an end-to-end full service offering geared toward clients seeking a mature and professionally managed solution. These stages include:

  • Vision Capture
  • Implementation
  • Solution Continuity

Individually or collectively, these stages may be conducted in an agile, iterative manner or in a sequential, waterfall manner. Factors such as overall business goals and time to market requirements can greatly influence how these stages need to be approached.

Vision Capture engagements include the discovery and design of the solution. The primary output of this stage is an Application Requirements and Design Specification that fully describes and codifies the system to be implemented.

Implementation engagements include the development, quality assurance and deployment of the solution. Using the Application Requirements and Design Specification from the Vision Capture stage, Guidelight assembles the solution and makes it available to the target audience.

Solution Continuity engagements are where user feedback is folded into a refined business vision of a software solution. New features may be implemented, unused features may be removed, and the impacts of environmental factors, such as platform updates, are managed.

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