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Mobile Website Development

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As you probably know, Web site design and development standards used for computer browsers are not generally compatible with mobile phone browsers. Websites designed to work well on a mobile handset must follow the Mobile Website Design Guidelines set by the W3C.

In mobile phones, a technology called WAP is used for browsing. Given limitations with WAP browsers (screen size and download capabilities), creating a mobile solution generally comes down to a blend of stripping down current designs and adding new development & design elements.

Principles we adhere to for our Mobile Website Designs:

  • Formatting
    • No use of tables for the main layout as will not display correctly on mobile phones
    • Our Mobile Websites use CSS for the layout to ensure maximum compatibility
    • We consider the wide variety of mobile phone screen sizes so our Mobile Web sites maintain the highest levels of compatibility
  • Convenience
    • Many mobile phones are not equipped with back buttons, so we try to provide them whenever it makes sense
    • It is difficult to enter text in mobile Web sites, so radio buttons and lists are used whenever possible
    • Our Mobile website designs are developed to be convenient for users since it can be time consuming to browse through a mobile website
  • Efficiency
    • Maximum page size for a mobile Web page is only 20 kilobytes, so all elements used fit into that number
    • We use jpeg or gif images in our mobile Website designs for maximum efficiency

For more information about our Mobile Website Design & Development services, or to simply get a quote for your Mobile Website development project, please contact us.