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Company Overview

Guidelight Business Solutions fundamentally believes that enterprises need to derive true business value from its technology investments. Fascinating and sometimes entertaining, technology is meaningless unless it can be used to solve enterprise problems. At Guidelight, we are passionate about delivering effective business solutions through the deliberate application of technical excellence in conjunction with crisp, clear communications with our clients.

We Respect Our Customers’ Strengths

Our experience tells us that in both large and small companies, deep listening elicits clarity in understanding the problem and the solution. Our methodology ensures that we build upon your organization’s internal strengths.

We Focus On What Is Important

Guidelight understands not all problems are equal. Based on the clear understanding of our clients' businesses, we distill problems to their root causes. We help clients prioritize and focus on solving the problems that could jeopardize the business itself. Other consulting firms often focus on the technical details and are unable to help their clients see the big picture. Guidelight helps you get above the fray to see problems and solutions from an effective vantage point.

We Have No Junior Staff

We shift the burden away from the client and onto ourselves. We make sure we can handle this burden by hiring only seasoned experts. This allows us to produce outstanding results with minimal preparation. We believe that solutions are more than just applying technology. Solutions must incorporate business goals at their foundation. That's why we have assembled a team of experts that are well-rounded business people and experienced project leaders who are also outstanding technologists.

We Have a Long Term Outlook

Our business is characterized by long-term relationships with our clients. We are privately held and have no outside investors imposing external revenue or profitability goals. This gives us the freedom to do what is best for our clients. We present the opportunity of working with genuine experts who are committed to earning a long-term partnership with you by over-delivering and providing unmatched personal attention.