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CASE STUDY: Pearson Medical Technologies

"M:print® Bar Code Label Printing Software already is the premier unit dose bar code labeling software available today...Our relationship with Guidelight enables us to make M:print® even easier to use with more features for our customers."
Brent Pearson


  • Create best-of-breed pharmacy software
  • Ultra-high quality, robust and very user friendly
  • Plug and play with enterprise pharmacy systems


  • Regulatory environment is changing rapidly
  • Current systems are antiquated and with obscure interfaces
  • Requirements will change often as the market matures


Over thirty years ago, inventor-pharmacist Walter G. Pearson introduced the original pill counting machine known as the "Baker Cell." Today, his machine is used in pharmacies around the world and Pearson Medical Technologies has become a leader in computerized medication dispensing.

Guidelight, selected as the software development firm for all of Pearson’s application needs, was tasked with creating new software architectures for existing systems. By applying Guidelight’s Software Development LifeCycle for each product and standardizing on sound technologies, Guidelight continues to build a suite of components and products that assemble quickly as market demands shift. This specific approach enables Pearson Medical Technologies to respond to the changing regulatory environment, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), and stay ahead of the curve in pharmacy automation solutions. Guidelight’s long-term relationship with Pearson reduces transaction costs, ensures Pearson of cost-effective software development by a firm that specializes in application development, and frees up Pearson’s critical resources to focus on customer acquisition and retention.


The M:print® software allows unprecedented ease in label configuration for unit dose and multi-dose packaging. Easy to install and simple to follow, pharmacy staff can now create custom labels and store them in a retrievable database for later use. Guidelight’s solution methodology and technology expertise helps to extend the reach of Pearson Medical by delivering timely and effective solutions to an ever-changing marketplace. According to Vice President, Brent Pearson, “Guidelight’s capability to understand the explicit and implicit needs of healthcare software users has been tremendously helpful in making M:print® a success.”

To learn more about Pearson Medical Technologies, please visit http://www.pearsonmedical.com.