"Midway through a highly visible government contract we discovered a vendor would not deliver a critical product on time. We needed a replacement right away. Guidelight was able to quickly assemble a team that not only provided the custom solution we needed, but configured and deployed it in record time across the legacy infrastructure."
Gail Hurt
Program Director


  • Rapid delivery of a portal solution
  • Parallel development of enterprise-access to legacy applications
  • Create standard web security framework


  • Short delivery time – funding would evaporate if not successful
  • Complex existing enterprise framework
  • Tie-in to existing enterprise security mechanisms


A scant two months before final delivery of a large enterprise architecture and applications framework project to the Office of the Attorney General for the State of Texas, the prime contractor, Ciber, was handed a project change request to deliver a Portal Server for integration with legacy systems running on an IBM System/390. This project scope change was beyond the capacity of the Ciber team and Guidelight was called in to deliver a custom Portal Server solution.

In less than 7 weeks, Guidelight’s expert strike-force team that implemented, configured and deployed a standards compliant portal solution running first on WebSphere for Windows 2000 Server, and then subsequently on WebSphere for OS/390. Careful coordination between Guidelight project managers, Ciber managers and client stakeholders enabled Guidelight’s seven member team to deliver the solution in record time. Because Ciber was utilizing the Rational Unified Process – a methodology Guidelight has used often – the team quickly assimilated the Business Use Cases that were established earlier in the project and assessed the business and technical needs of the solution. Guidelight’s experts examined technologies in both the problem domain and the solution domain and mapped the shortest route with the highest level of long-term value. By assembling the solution from off-the-shelf components and filling the gaps with custom developed components, Guidelight was able to achieve unprecedented acceleration in solution delivery. The Portal Server was then integrated with existing security mechanisms and deployed using WebSphere for OS/390 under Unix System Services.


Guidelight was able to quickly dovetail into an existing working relationship between Ciber and the State of Texas and provide timely business value without re-inventing existing functionality. The deployed solution is now a cornerstone of a pan-enterprise web application framework.

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