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What do you think of Google's real-time search?

Earlier this week, Google announced the launch of their real-time search features. With real-time search you can see updates from Twitter, FriendFeed, news stories, and blogs within seconds of when they are published. The real-time results show up on your search results page in a scrolling Latest Results window.

Of course, Bing also has its own version of real-time search. The Bing Twitter Beta, launched in October, features a tag cloud with the latest topics on Twitter and sample tweets for popular topics/terms. You can then search for any topic and see the latest relevant tweets. Unlike Google, this real-time search service only generates results from Twitter.

In the past year we have seen some major changes in Internet search (visual search, next-generation search architecture, travel features, Microsoft and Yahoo partnership, Bing, Wolfram Alpha), and it is obvious that the search engine battle for supremacy continues.

So based on what you have heard or personally experienced, who do you think is winning the search engine smackdown?

UPDATE - 12/11/09

Yesterday Yahoo! announced that they will now feature real-time tweets on their search results pages, as well.


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