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Website Redesign Checklist

Within seconds of arriving at your website, visitors will begin to make assumptions about your organization, and in some cases they will decide to leave the website immediately. Knowing this, do you think your website properly represents your business?

You can use the following checklist to determine if it's time to consider a website update.

My website:

…does not align with my current business goals and strategy.

…is made up of entirely static content.

…has outdated information.

…contains mistakes, typos, and broken links.

…has not been updated in years.

…does not render properly in the latest web browsers.

…has a high visitor bounce rate (visitors hit your site and immediately leave).

…is cluttered with flashing graphics, images, and content.

…does not show up in Google or other search engines.

…does not feature valuable, timely content such as blogs, newsletters, news releases, video, and white papers.

…does not follow accessibility guidelines for people with disabilities.

…is difficult to navigate.

…is difficult to read (font style, size, color).

…does not generate leads.

…does not complement my online and offline marketing efforts.

If most or any of the above statements are true, it is definitely time to consider updating or even completely redesigning your website.


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