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Website Design Tips: Strategy

Designing a website goes beyond creating something visually appealing. A successful design project must incorporate aesthetics, business strategy, audience needs, functionality, and usability. The following tips will help you create a successful website design strategy.

Outline Your Goals -One of the first steps in any website design or redesign project should be outlining goals. What purpose should the website serve? How will it be used? What behavior do you expect from visitors? These types of questions will help you define your business needs and form a design strategy. No matter how great a site looks, it's useless if it does not provide value to your organization.

Know Your Audience -Your website also needs to provide value to your visitors. Whether its entertainment or education, your audience is looking for something and your design strategy must address their needs.

Understand Market Positioning - Most websites can easily segment their users into multiple audiences. The content, layout and design of the site need to nurture all segments without alienating any one group. For example, the site might serve the general public, a collection of site members, and external partners all at once. Understanding the market positioning of the site as it relates to each user segment will help guide a successful design. If conflict occurs in the positioning of the site from one segment to another, consider a mini-site that helps channel the dissonant segment into a more effective section of the site.


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