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Website Design Tips: Layout

In a previous blog, we discussed tips for developing a website design strategy. The following tips focus on making your design elements visually appealing.

Keep it simple - Don't overwhelm your audience. Avoid using flashing graphics and don't cover the entire site with images and content. Remember that white space can be an important element in design. Also, try to keep page content concise. Web users don't enjoy constantly scrolling to read text.

Be Careful with Color - When choosing a color scheme, think back to what you learned about the color wheel. All of the colors have different relationships with each other, and you can use this knowledge to choose proper color combinations. Also, keep your audience in mind. A website for business professionals will have a very different color scheme than one for children. Lastly, for text areas go with high contrast combinations for readability. For example, black text on a white background.

Choose Legible Fonts - When choosing a font for your site, it is best to go with simple, sans-serif fonts for readability. Fancy, stylized fonts should only be used as accents (not in blocks of text) and you should avoid using too many different fonts on the same page. Size also affects content readability, so make sure your text is not too small. You may want to specify relative font sizes in your style sheets to better control how your site will look if a user adjusts the font size within their web browser.

Be Consistent - Make sure each page of your website has the same look and feel. Each page will feature different information and images, but the main design elements should be consistent throughout. The design should be complementary to your offline marketing efforts, as well.


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