Web of Trust

We have all heard about rogue websites that can, by merely loading a page from these sites, infect your browser and system with malware. That is a scary prospect for many of us who get into a surfing frenzy and might click a link before thinking whether it is safe or not.

Fortunately, help is available. It's called the Web of Trust, or WOT, and is a plugin for your favorite browser. When searching, it will place a marker next to each result link that gives you a sense of safety for that particular link. These markers are in different colors, red being a serious warning. And don't worry if you accidentally click a 'red' link. WOT will jump in and warn you that you are about to start interacting with a site that has been identified as questionable.

There is no certain way to safeguard all activity on the net. But simple and highly effective tools like WOT will help you stay safe. Visit WOT on the net at http://www.mywot.com/.


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