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Track - and actually use - your webstats

If you aren't capturing statistics about your website visitors, you won't be able to identify and implement beneficial changes. Changes that could easily increase your visibility and value to your customers.

At a minimum, register with the search engines so customers you already have can find your site by name. But even this is woefully insufficient to getting real traction. Not only should you register, but you should be using their tracking tools (or, if you have reasons not to allow external tracking, then install statistics gathering tools like awstats or webalizer). The statistic you gather will quickly point out difficiencies and highlight hotspots. If your stats show that a page is getting a lot of attention, you might consider ways to further enhance its value or make additonal pages that extend the value.

In addition, statistics gives you the ability to try things out and see their effect on visitors and customers alike. Although a single statistical report will tell you what has happened overall, take a look at two or more reports from consecutive periods to see trends that a single report can't always show. Watch which pages are getting more attention and which are beginning to faulter. You have to make a decision whether to bolster the weak page or eliminate it.


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