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Technorati Troubles

Technorati, the first blog search engine, has released a new beta version of their website. As you can tell from the site's support forums, the new website has met with some mixed reviews. In the least, it seems that Technorati could have done a better job communicating with their members before the new changes took effect.

The redesigned Technorati site has the following features:

  • New algorithm for Technorati Authority and the addition of Topical Authority
  • Revised search
  • Improved blog directory
  • Ability to publish original articles

Though the new features sound good, many bloggers do not seem happy. The Technorati support forums are full of complaints regarding diminished authority, missing posts, and deleted blogs. In an effort to clean up their search results, Technorati has changed their blog indexing policy -- quoted from the Technorati website, "Not all claimed blogs are automatically included in Technorati's main search data set. Until a claimed blog is qualified into our main data set, it will be included in the Technorati Blog Directory and the blog listing from Tag pages, but we will not collect individual posts from that site and so the site content will not appear in our search results and links will not contribute to Technorati Authority. We are constantly reviewing new blogs for inclusion in our main data set." This will likely improve the quality of data presented in search results, but it puts many smaller bloggers at a disadvantage, as they wait until their site is reviewed and approved by Technorati.

Other technical bugs and their status are outlined here: http://technorati.com/beta-status/

Please feel free to share your opinions. Have you experienced any problems with the new Technorati? Do you think Technorati is still relevant to the blogoshphere?