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Storm Clouds on the Horizon?

As most people already know, there was a Gmail outage earlier this week. In fact, with the extensive news, blog, and social network coverage, you would almost have to be living under a rock not to have heard about it. The Gmail outage left both those with personal and business accounts without email for a reported 100 minutes.

Many have questioned both the reliability and security of systems in the cloud, and this outage may have produced a few more skeptics. Of course this outage was a big deal, but should an angry mob of Twitter comments convince you that Gmail or cloud computing is a bad idea for your business?

Before you pass judgment, it is important to remember that even traditional enterprise systems fail on occasion and there are other benefits to consider. For example, reduced IT hardware and staffing costs. As cloud computing continues to develop and evolve, there are likely to be more storms on the horizon, but for many businesses the advantages will continue to outweigh the risks.

For more details on the Gmail outage, check out the Official Gmail Blog.


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