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SEO, no longer an option

Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the ecosystem that surrounds your web presence with the specific goal of moving your search result ranking toward the top of the list. The process is complex and SEO firms have developed a set of artful tools to assist in getting results. Long gone are the simple days of merely setting a snappy collection of keywords in metatags. Today, its about link-ins, link-outs, cross-chatter, clarity of copy, purposefulness of page titles, cleanliness of the markup and a host of other items that take careful and constant attention.

But, there are easy ways to increase your gettin' noticed rate. First, when was the last time you changed the content on your website? Do you have a brochureware site that is fairly static? If so, get in there and make updates, at least every week or two. Second, if you have customers that would benefit from forums or a knowledgebase, adding one to your site is an easy way to continuously feed new content to it.

Regardless of your business and the extent of your web presence, making an investment to optimize your search engine ranking can be a modest cost that delivers big benefits.


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