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Search Engine Celebrity Deathmatch

The world of search seems to be changing around us. First, Wolfram Alpha was recently released with quite a buzz. Wolfram Alpha is not a traditional search engine, but rather a computational knowledge engine. What's the difference? According to the Wolfram Alpha site, "Search engines give you links to pages that exist on the web. Wolfram Alpha computes answers to specific questions using its built-in knowledge base and algorithms. Wolfram Alpha has sidebar links for doing web searches."

Twitter has also made its impact on internet search with its real-time search capabilities. According to many sources, Google co-founder Larry Page has even taken notice of Twitter's success and capabilities.

Of course, Google is still the leader in internet search, with Hitwise reporting that the search engine accounted for 72% of all the US searches in April. But many are trying to close the gap. There are recent reports that Microsoft will be rolling out a new search engine to better compete with Google. According to Ad Age, Microsoft plans to spend $80 - $100 million on an ad campaign to launch the new search engine (codenamed Kumo, rumored to be released as Bing). In addition to Microsoft, there are a number of other veteran search engines trying to compete and new upstart search engines launching consistently.

So, how do you think the search battle will turn out?


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