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Santa uses Twitter, shouldn't you?

This week I discovered that Santa has a Twitter account. (Well, actually there are several Santas on Twitter, but that is not the point.) So this holiday season even Old St. Nick is using social media for promotional purposes, but are you?

With the season upon us, and holiday sales predictions looking dismal, it may be a good time to explore social media. This is an inexpensive way to communicate with your audience, distribute special holiday promotions, and build relationships. Social media has gone beyond the traditional one-way communication model and gives you the opportunity to not only promote your business, but also provide a new level of customer service.

So if you are having a killer widgets sale on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving), why not tweet about it and let the world know? While you're at it, invite your audience to give feedback to let you know what kind of deals and widget products they would like to see in the future. Communicating with your customers could help keep you off the "naughty list" this holiday season.


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