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Multiplatform .Net Development with Mono Tools

The well known mono project has just released the new Mono Tools for Visual Studio 1.0. This commercial product plugs into your existing Visual Studio IDE and allows you to develop and debug mono apps. For those unfamiliar with mono, it is a .Net environment for Linux and MacOS machines (although it also runs on Windows and other platforms).

Mono Tools includes the Mono Migration Analyzer, a tool to help users determine the compatibility of native (Windows) .Net code with the Mono environment. Code that accesses Windows-specific binaries is clearly incompatible with a Linux or MacOS environment. This is a big help if you already have a C# application that runs in Windows and you are considering migrating it to other platforms.

Another great feature of Mono Tools is the ability to remotely debug your application from within Visual Studio while it runs on Mono on your target platform. This technique works with both desktop and web applications. Setting breakpoints, inspecting variables and examining the stack are all available, just as though you were debugging your application locally in your native Windows environment.

Mono Tools is $99 for the Professional Edition. You can get a 30 day trial edition, and even download a virtual machine image (VMWare and Virtual PC) to test it out and see if it will serve your specific needs.


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