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Its about Eyeballs!

I remember back in the heady days of the Internet boom talking with the strategy director of a web-based startup company we were putting together. She was adamantly defending the notion that selling online, or generating a company-sustaining level of advertising revenue was not important. What was important were the eyeballs.

A couple of years later during business school, the program director gaffawed at the notion that startups were focusing just on 'the eyeballs'. It was his scholarly claim that eyeballs don't make payroll!

Now, many years later, it appears as though they were both right. Specifically, for businesses based on social networking, eyeballs are everything. We have worked with countless mid-tier organizations that base their existence on the interactions with millions of eyeballs. But, at its core, it is not the eyeballs that matter. It is the interaction between the 'millions of eyeballs' that matter. That is, the intelligence and insight gathered from the business's social networking platform is the core value. This core value, in smart companies, is both recognized and guarded zealously, for it is the basis upon which they charge for advertising.

And, advertising is big business. So long as you can get it to enough eyeballs.


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