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Elastic Block Store on AWS

Amazon Web Services is frankly the best thing since sliced bread. We've been using it for over a year and it gets better and better all the time. The APIs are robust, and the structure of the compute and storages services is such that you must think in new ways to make a solution 'elastic' to conserve resources (and reduce costs).

One of the better recent additions to AWS is the Elastic Block Store service. This can be thought of like a hard drive. So, just as you can attach a hard drive to a physical computer, you can attach an EBS to a virtual one. The logical limitations of the physical hardware also exist in the virtual hardware - you can attach one or more EBS volumes to an instance (an 'instance' is a virtual machine), but you can't have more than one instance attached to an EBS volume. [Neither can you have two computers strapped to a single hard drive (okay, for the purests - yes, you can accomplish this but it is exceptionally rare).]

Need a quick backup plan for your EBS volume? Snapshot it to the Simple Storage Service (S3). Quick and easy storage for you instance, backed up so you can sleep at night. Does it get better?


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