If your system needs just a little bit of computing power most of the time but it also needs to suddenly scale to significant horsepower, what exactly do you do? Get some cloudware.

More specifically, use services that allow your system to scale up (and possibly scale out) as necessary. Cloud computing is increasingly emerging as an important configuration to consider for critical systems. Part of cloud computing is the concept of "cloud infrastructure" which provides enterprises with an Internet based datacenter.

Usually based in a one or more datacenters with high availability and (very) high capacity, cloud infrastructure services allows you to purchase a 'machine' configuration along with storage and communications. Its virtualization meets network. One example is Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud, in which you are buying computing resources by the hour. Amazon takes care of the actual hardware, the virtualization software and all of the aspects of datacenter-quality management.

If you don't want to purchase the hardware necessary for the worst-case scenario in capacity planning, then you should give consideration for cloudware.


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