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BlackBerry - Mac Sync

Due to some unfortunate events, I recently had to return my BlackBerry and receive a new one. I was not excited about moving all of my information over. I had yet to sync my contacts, calendar, etc. with my computer because I have a Mac. I previously looked into some software options that would allow me to sync the two devices, but I was slightly turned off by the price/features so I held off.

Last night, I decided to move forward with the syncing software to ease the transition to my new phone. I was pleasantly surprised when I searched and discovered the recent release of the BlackBerry® Desktop Software for Mac. I was able to easily back up the data from my old BlackBerry and transfer the information to the new one. I am very pleased to see a company that listened to customer feedback and created an application to address their customers' needs.

Software Features:

  • Synchronization of calendar entries, contacts, notes, and tasks
  • Ability to back up and restore BlackBerry smartphone data
  • Ability to add, update, or remove BlackBerry smartphone applications
  • Synchronization of iTunes playlists
  • Ability to charge BlackBerry smartphones


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