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Bing Now Has Visual Search

Microsoft announced a beta version of Visual Search for Bing today at Tech Crunch 50 in San Francisco. Visual Search allows you to search by images rather than text. This should come in handy when you know what something or someone looks like, but you can't remember the name for it.

Visual Search displays rows of images that users can scroll through to find what they want. Visual Search also allows you to narrow the image results with refinement categories in the left hand column. Unfortunately, Visual Search will not be available for all search terms. Microsoft has specifically created galleries for popular search items.

I had fun trying out Visual Search, and my first impression is that it's a great tool for shoppers and trivia enthusiasts. I am not sure if Visual Search will prove to be a practical search tool, but I think it is worth checking out, even just for novelty alone. Please note: Visual Search does require the installation of Microsoft Silverlight.


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