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Be Bold with Wikipedia

Although few truths are absolute, there is one truth that is indisputably absolute. That truth is that you know something that others do not. And, Wikipedia wants you to be bold and share this knowledge with the rest of humanity. So, be bold and go to wikipedia and contribute this knowledge.

But, don't take my word for it. Go check out the Be Bold wikipedia page to convince yourself. Specifically, the maintainers of wikipedia want you to add and edit pages on this great universal resource. Some Internet surfers might consider wikipedia to be a questionable resource because it is a community developed knowledge store. As a result, the argument asserts wikipedia is not created by expert knowledge. This is in invalid argument, however, because the wikipedia community moderates itself and experts on particular subjects naturally tend to focus on their own areas of expertise. Editing and improving the content iteratively. Luigifan has a good wikipedia user-article called What good is Wikipedia? Worth a read if you are interested in contributing or using wikipedia.

So again, be bold! What is your area of special knowledge? Are you a software engineer with a rare insight into network protocols? Or perhaps you were the night-shift editor for a newspaper and have insights about daily printed news that you were only able to gain from years of on-the-job experience. That knowledge is exceptionally rare, and that too is an absolute truth. So go ahead. Be bold. Share your knowledge. Who knows, you could be that giant upon who's shoulders someone seeks to stand to achieve lofty goals.


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