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Amazon RDS goes Beta

Amazon Web Services is now in a beta release of its newest service called the Relational Database Service (RDS). The announcement states that RDS is:

  • Simple to Deploy - like all of the AWS services we've come to know and love, RDS allows the creation of a DB with a simple API call
  • Managed - as in RDS takes care of time-consuming sys-admin tasks like patch management and backup/recovery
  • Compatible - all of the normal MySQL tools and drivers work
  • Scalable - well, we knew this attribute would apply. It's one of the key reasons AWS is such a nice system
  • Reliable - the service runs on the same datacenter solution as other AWS services, which are already highly reliable
  • Inexpensive - like all of AWS, it's pay by the drink

As systems architects will tell you, it is not just having a relational database that makes a good logical design for a solution, it has to go hand in hand with other elements, such as appropriately specified and properly configured compute instances. Fear not, this too has been worked out by the team at Amazon. In conjunction with the RDS rollout, a new suite of EC2 High-Memory instances geared for database performance are launch concurrrent with this beta. These include:

  • Double Extra Large - 64bit, 13 ECU, nearly a TB of storage and an impressive 34GB of memory (only $1.55/hour!)
  • Quadruable Extra Large - 64 bit, 26 ECU, 1.7TB and a whopping 68GB of memory (for only $3.10/hour!)

These specs make for a very, very large compute instance. From startups to enterprise customers, this is boon for any organization needing this level of computing resources but unwilling, or incapable, of shelling out $25K, $50K, $75K or more on server equipment - not to mention the $250K that would be needed for a modest yet modern datacenter with trimmings.

Check out more info about AWS RDS here: http://aws.amazon.com/rds/?ref_=pe_12300_13473310


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