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The 5 E's Apply to the Web, too.

Marketers are an amusing group. They have many lists of same-lettered words that try to clarify a particular aspect of their profession. For example, there are the 4 Ps (Product, Price, Placement, Promotion). Some call it the 5 Ps and add "People". They also have the 5 Es, which have a surprising application to the web.

The 5 Es are the five different Experiences that you, as a web presence, need to focus on for maximizing customer delight. Specifically, the 5 Es are:

  • Discovery Experience
  • Packaging Experience
  • Buying Experience
  • Using Experience
  • Support Experience

The Discovery Experience is what you deliver to current and prospective customers to help them become more informed. The information must be of value to them and help them understand their problems better and clarify the field of solutions. The Discovery Experience is what you present before a problem is solved.

The Packaging Experience is how you bundle your particular solution - whether it is a good or a service. Service packaging is particularly important becuase this is often intangible and needs be concretized in a fashion the customer can understand. A Packaging Experience, for example, is the recognition of an Amazon box when it arrives in the mail. Another is the form, structure and clarity of a web application.

The Buying Experience describes the ease or difficulty of buying the good or service. Is it easy to make a purchase or is difficult? As example, more and more rental car operators at airports have streamlined the process of renting a car - some operators let you just walk out to the lot, jump into a car of your liking and in just a few moments you are on the road.

The Using Experience describes how well the customer enjoys using the good or service. Is it awkward? Does it make the customer uncomfortable? Consider the Using Experience for early customers of FedEx. You need to send something quickly and a courteous person shows up, takes your package and promises to get it to its destination overnight. Using FedEx is easy, easy, easy. Can you say the same about your product or service?

The Support Experience covers all things regarding customer service. Are repair technicians prompt, clean and well-mannered? Do they do their jobs efficiently and professionally? Do phone attendants keep a calm, in-control demeanor when interacting with customers?

For companies that consider their online presence critical to their success, the 5 Es can be an effective framework for ensuring every aspect of the business is delivering just the right experience.


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